On this page you can find our Outlet, that is, our sales of demo products, returns and other scales that are no longer included in the regular product range. Here you can make your best findings. Contact us for the best price if you find something you are interested in. Keep in mind that the products may have limited warranty and inventory balance may vary. The list will be updated on a regular basis.


Outlet 2020-01-23 (317.1 KB)

What's new?

Nu lanserar vi en ny BUTIKSVÅG!


Här kan ni läsa information om vår nya butiksvåg WTP

Lidén Weighing våren 2021


Här kan ni läsa information om våren 2021 på Lidén Weighing 

We are moving!


Here can you read about our move. 



Här kan ni läsa vårt utskick.

Improved chairscale!


Here you can read about our improved chairscale. 

Nyhet! VGP Butiksvåg från UWE


Here you can read about our new scale for retail, VGP from UWE