Retail scales

In order for a retail scale to be approved for use, it is required that it must be type-approved according to OIML Class III and first time verified. In order for the weighing to be approved as the basis for financial transactions and is primarily about consumer protection. Retail scales can also be called price calculating scale and price computing scale. A common type of retail scale is the label scale, which is suitable for labeling different types of food, charcuterie and delicacies but also in production. In order to connect a retail scale to a cash register, it is required that both scale and cash register are type-approved and that an approved communication protocol is used.

A price calculating retail scale must always have 3 displays, pre-packaged weight, unit price and total price. The consumer must always be able to see the display. Distinctive for a price computing scale, POS (Point Of Sale) is that it has an approved communication protocol and can be connected to cash registers.