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Bench and table scale Vibra ALE

Based on tuning fork technology the new ALE-series from Vibra ALE provides three advantages as key value. ALE series is new answer to optimized weighing operation in the laboratory: compact housing short stabilization time & user friendly operation.

ALE is the most space-saving precision balance. You can install the balance wherever you want, even in very small laboratory. Vibra ALE have considerably reduced stabilization time by improved filtering technology. Short stabilization time is indispensable for efficient weighing operation. Three keys on the front can work as "free keys". You can assign short-cut of often used functions on these keys. You don't need to push keys many times and minimize operation timeALE can be operated with dry-cell batteries thanks to low power consumption in tuning-fork sensor unit. Battery is useful also as reserve electric power. 

ALE is available in these capabilities: 15000x0,1g, 2200x0,01g, 320x0,001g, 3200x0,01g, 6002x0,01g



  • CE-approval
  • Mains adaptor
  • Battery function
  • Piece counting
  • EC type approved


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